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Juntar (v.)

unite, unite, conjugate, combine, collect, assemble, join, bind, reunite, raise, raise, pile up, come together, compose, connect, garner, gather

Een deelnemer vertelt iets terwijl de anderen in de groep geamuseerd luisteren



Juntar works around connection in difference. Founded in 2016, it is the place where I, Gunilla de Graef, shape my  now more than 20 years of experience around diversity and inclusion. In that time I   supervised numerous training courses and workshops, for the most diverse target groups and in very different contexts. I also participate in practice-oriented research (national and international), develop methodologies, and support the sharing of expertise in networks. Finally, I am also active as a teacher and coach on topics including communication, intercultural teamwork, organizational culture and HR.


Because I am not only active as a trainer, but also as a consultant and researcher, I always think along two tracks: that of practical implementation and that of the vision, the policy that sets a framework (operational and strategic) around that concrete elaboration.


Juntar's ultimate goal is to work towards inclusion. Diversity is a given, a starting point, not the end goal. What really matters is how we manage the diversity present so that it can become the engine of a high-performance and unique organizational dynamic. Crucial here is that everyone can not only 'be there', but also use his or her unique voice.


Central to Juntar's approach is always the same question: What do the different parties involved 'gain' from the change? 'Winning' and 'investing' are understood in the broadest sense of the word: not only economically or operationally, but certainly also referring to 'well-being' and cooperation. 


Turning your organization into a truly inclusive organization requires an integrated and integral approach. You have to tinker with structures and procedures, because that's how you work towards more equality. At the same time, you also have to focus on organizational culture, because that way you make room for involvement and a sense of belonging. This means that you have to take action on different levels.

For whom?

Juntar is flexible and curious about different contexts and environments. Education, government, healthcare or production company, Gunilla facilitates  the inclusion dialogue in all these places.  With the employees 'on the floor', but also with C-levels, HR business partners and team leaders. 

Know where Juntar already worked? 

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