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EEn diverse groep mensen luister naar de trainer die vooraan staat

Communicate and collaborate inclusively and effectively

Creative and hands-on customized guidance

Those who invest in inclusion win

You become a more attractive employer.

Your employees bond more sustainably to your organization.

Teams become more efficient and productive.

The sense of purpose and self-esteem in the organization is growing.

You develop a more creative and broader portfolio of solutions.

Your offer and services become more attractive to a larger group of people.

You build more sustainable relationships with your stakeholders, internally and externally.

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Close up van Gunilla, oprichter en eigenaar van Juntar

About Gunilla

Historian with a heart for the present.

Allumnus of the Postgraduate International Communication and Intercultural Management (CIMIC) and of the Masterclass Social-Profit and Public Management (AMS).

Holder of an IETLS certificate.

At home in the Spanish-speaking world

Mother of a singer-songwriter, Jack-of-all-trades and a budding paleontologist.

Partner of a sustainability do al.

Gunilla specializes in promoting inclusive teamwork and strengthening intercultural communication. She believes diversity in teams can be a powerful driver of innovation and creativity, but only if that diversity is properly managed and leveraged. Gunilla has extensive experience in advising and training organizations to promote inclusion and diversity. Through Juntar, she offers a wide range of services including team building, workshops and coaching to help executives and teams improve their communication and collaboration skills. Gunilla guides tailored to your organization: we work closely together to achieve your goals. 


Juntar supports organizations  tailor-made, with workshops, keynotes, coaching, process guidance, train the trainer, facilitation, and methodology development. 

Process supervision

Cultural change towards inclusion


Workshops, round tables, ....


Keynotes and advice


"What I love about Gunilla: she has a lot of expertise, which she is also happy to share. At the same time, she always looks at you as an equal partner and asks for your ideas with genuine curiosity. This makes you feel included in a strong dynamic in which all kinds of unexpected, new insights grow"

Philippe Degelin, VIVO

Contact me to boost diversity in your team and let inclusive culture flourish.

++ 32  499 75 83 82

Thank you for making contact

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