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Juntar supports organizations broadly and tailor-made, with workshops, keynotes, coaching, process guidance, train the trainer, facilitation, and method development.

From an intervention of a few hours to a joint trajectory over a few months, we look at your needs together and examine what space there is.  

Both Dutch and English guidance are possible.

De trainer schrijft de titel van de workshop op een flipchart

Process guidance

Develop inclusion strategy

From inclusion vision to action plan

Intervision and coaching regarding inclusion and diversity management

Sparring partner for concrete inclusion issues

Strategic sounding board for inclusion processes

Interactive workshops

Intercultural competences

Intercultural communication

Including recruiting and selection

Including onboarding

Including teamwork

Including leadership

Including communicating

Dealing with diversity issues in your organization

Inclusion <-> exclusion

Looking for the added value of inclusion for your organization

Een van de deelnemers vertelt iets terwijl de trainer en de andere deelnemers luisteren
Close-up van oprichter en eigenaar van Juntar Gunilla die iets toelicht

Inspiring Keynotes

What, how and why of inclusion

Intercultural and inclusive competence

Effective intercultural communication

Dealing with diversity in your team

Including leadership

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